2017 Pilot Programming

Carnation Farms is starting our first full year of operation with a strategic framework of opportunities for our community to explore the Farm and become inspired to lead healthier lives. We operate as an outdoor classroom, with multiple pathways to explore the Farm, embrace healthy living, learn about local history and more.

Summer Camp: Carnation Farms will offer 6 weeks of day camp focused on farm-based education and hands-on learning (ages 7-14), along with 2 weeks of residential camp to explore the outdoors, disconnect from media, and get active (ages 8-14). Learn more.

Family Retreats: In the fall, Carnation Farms will host three weekends of camp retreats focused on strengthening the family with team building, cooking classes, outdoor activities and more. Learn more and register.

Workshops: From outdoor explorations to garden discovery, Carnation Farms offers a variety of empowering and educational opportunities for all ages throughout the year. Check out our calendar for details.

Field Trips: During the school year, Carnation Farms will partner with educators to bring students to our outdoor classroom for experiential learning activities in our organic garden. Learn more.