For ages 3-6, we’ve got a great farm experience ready to go. Join us for a tractor ride to see the cows or tour the chickens. We’ll take part in some fun farm games, a craft, and a picnic* before the day is through.

Time: 2.5 hours
Theme and Location: On the Farm Theme at Farm Exploration
Take Away: Farm Craft
Price: $400 plus *Extra price for picnic
(See “Add-ons” for additional party options)





Mischievous as always the Beetleburbs are causing mayhem! Collect the ingredients on the rock wall and work as a team to create a magic potion to tame them!
Time: 2.5 hours
Theme: Magic and Wizardry
Take Away: Lanyard Climbing bracelet
Price: $400
(See “Add-ons” for additional party options)

fairy princesses

Come dressed as a fairy princess! Our fairy godmothers will lead you through a very special fairy training. We’ll collect nature items along the way to build your very own fairy gardens*! Enjoy a tea party** in our hammock garden to celebrate!

Time: 2.5 hours
Theme: Fairytale Land at the Hammock Garden
Take Away: Fairy Garden & Princess Certificate
Price: $400 plus *$10/person for Fairy Garden Creations, **Extra price for Tea and Cookie Decorating  
(See “Add-ons” for additional party options)

The crafty archer

With the Olympics approaching your crew needs to hunker down and prepare themselves. We have just the training schedule you need. The party starts with kiddos gathering to design their own quivers and targets.  We will move to our archery range where they learn the different parts of the bows and arrows, special tips and tricks for aiming, and then get to test their new skills and targets. Prizes are handed out for all kinds of fun challenges and friendly competitions! The day concludes with cake* and presents in our outdoor classroom.

Time: 2.5 hours
Theme: Sports Theme at Archery
Take Away: Quiver, Target, and Prizes
Price: $400 plus *Extra price for Cake
(See “Add-ons” for additional party options)