PArty faq


What does a choice of a “theme” include?

When you select a theme, you are choosing the overall “storyline” for your child’s party. This includes the decorations we provide, and also determines the “take-away” items for the party. For example, if you choose the “Super Heroes” theme and a Rock Wall Adventure package, in addition to Super Hero décor, your staff party-planner may design a “Save the Day!” challenge on the Rock Wall; and your take-away could be a design-your-own Super Hero cape.

What times/days are Birthday Parties available?

Parties can be booked any day of the week, subject to availability. Time slots are 2.5 hours long, and start-times are available from 10:30AM to 3:30PM (latest slot would be 3:30PM, all guests must depart by 6PM).

Are there covered areas for each Party Adventure?

Yes! Our party adventures are all rain-or-shine, and we do have covered areas accessible for each Party Adventure that can provide shelter.

What happens if it rains?

The Party Adventure will continue! Our parties are designed for “rain-or-shine” conditions. Of course, safety always comes first! In the event of extreme weather, we will shift the adventures to safe, covered spaces and keep the party going.

What options are available for catering?

We are flexible. You can select to use on onsite catering services to provide a birthday cake,  snacks and drinks, or a combination of both. You planner will be able to help your build a menu.

Guests can also elect to bring their own commercially prepared foods to the party (i.e. prepared by a professional or commercial kitchen, rather than a home kitchen).

Are plates, napkins and silverware included with catering packages?

We will provide basic paper plates, napkins and silverware when you select our onsite catering services. If you bring your own food you will need to bring your own supplies.

Can I bring decorations?

Yes! We will also provide some decorations that go along with your chosen party theme – but if you’d like to bring some, too, feel free!

Are tables and chairs available? What sizes, and how many?

We provide chairs and round or rectangular tables that seat 8 people. Party-sizes are structured for up to 25 participating youth; adults are welcome to attend and assist – but please make sure to include them in your seat-estimates and food-estimates if you are using our onsite catering.

Do I have to clean up at the end of the party?

Only what you bring in. Please use provided trash and recycling receptacles for your garbage, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I see photos of the party areas/activity spaces?

Photos upon request at this time.

What is the capacity of the space? (i.e. sometimes if one child is invited, the parents and a sibling come as well.)

Our parties are designed to include up to 25 party-participants – they can be children or fully-participating adults. Parents are welcome to attend and assist without being a part of the “25 participant” total – however, they should be included in food if using our onsite catering and seating requests. If an invited child’s sibling attends, they should be counted as part of the “25 participant” total.

For the pool party adventure, do children need a guardian with them in the water?

Our certified staff lifeguard will have all children take our basic “swim test,” which consists of swimming one unassisted lap back and forth across the pool. Children who complete the swim test to the lifeguard’s satisfaction may swim without an additional guardian in the water. If they do not pass the swim test, or opt not to take it, they must wear a lifevest (provided) and be accompanied by a guardian in the pool.