Fun on the Farm     $375

Become a farmer for a week! Children will “work” in the garden by planting, weeding, and digging in the dirt. They’ll learn what plants and animals need to grow, and what their bodies need, too.

Camp dates:
Campers must be entering the grades listed            June 18-22, Entering Grades 1-3
June 25-29, Entering Grades 4-6
Aug 6-10, Entering Grades 1-3

Campers will:

•    Learn the science of plants
•    Visit pigs, turkeys, and sheep
•    Hold chickens and collect eggs
•    Learn about bees and other important pollinators
•    Harvest fruits and vegetables and then prepare kid-friendly recipes
•    Plant a vegetable, care for it all week, and take it home to share
•    Create a mini farmers’ market to show parents/caregivers on the last day of camp

Farm-to-Table Cooking     $375

Kids will learn the most useful cooking skills, learning recipes that they can prepare at home. Each day, children will gather fruits or vegetables from the garden which will be used in their kitchen experiences.

Camp dates:
Campers must be entering the grades listed             July 9-13, Entering Grades 7-9
July 30-Aug 3, Entering Grades 4-6
Aug 13-17, Entering Grades 4-6

Campers will:
•    Learn basic knife skills, understand how to measure wet and dry ingredients, and develop new techniques with kitchen tools
•    Prepare fun and nutritious snacks
•    Make quick and easy breakfasts
•    Cook lunch and dinner recipes from around the world
•    Create a personalized cookbook
•    Plant an herb, care for it all week, and take it home to use in recipes
•    Run a mini farm-to-table restaurant for their parents/caregivers on the last day of camp

Camps run Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, with lunch and two snacks included. Before- and after-camp care is available (8:00 to 9:00 am and 4:00 to 5:00 pm) at an additional charge. Most of the camp is outdoors, but some experiences take place inside; camp will be in the shade on hot days. 

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Need-based scholarships are available on first-come, first-served basis. Limited transportation is available from specific Eastside locations. Answers to most questions can be found on our FAQ page. Need assistance? Contact Tiffany Chou, Program Coordinator, at, 425-844-3149