We aim to create awareness around the relationship between food intake, energy output, and nutritional and health outcomes.  We engage in a food system, which focuses on sustainable production, locally grown ingredients, whole and nutritious food examples, as well as providing choices for all visitors to the Farm. 

These values are upheld in daily practice as we:

  • Manage our agriculture production in such a way to build soil health, increase biodiversity, and steward the land on the Farm to the best of our abilities.
  • Develop nutrition-based activities for participants which emphasizes both education and fun.
  • Offer opportunities for participants to try new foods and expand their nutritional horizons.
  • Substitute healthy, whole, organic, and local ingredients whenever possible into all meals served by the culinary team. 
  • Provide opportunities for all to learn and understand these values, so as to appreciate them as a part of our food culture.

Food System programming

Carnation Farms strives to infuse food system education into all programming and events on site that are Intentional, Informative, Healthy, and Enjoyable for all. Our programming aims to have a positive impact on eating habits.  We present information so that participants increase awareness and can choose to make healthier choices. 

Programming themes include

  • Food Miles
  • Marketing vs. Reality
  • Safe risk-taking – by trying new foods, “Don’t Yuck my Yum”
  • Food Waste
  • Food Labeling   
  • Processed vs. Unprocessed
  • Identification of whole foods
  • How to read and follow a recipe
  • Food as fuel     
  • Food portions
  • Food origin

Recipes from the Farm