Join us for a straight-from-the-field culinary adventure at Carnation Farms.  Our Segis Prospect Supper Club is a farm-based interactive dinner series that invites you to roll up your sleeves and take part in the process. Featured chefs in the dinner series have been selected for their culinary ingenuity and passionate food philosophy.  Menus for each dinner will be designed around what is ready to harvest from our certified organic garden ensuring each dinner will be a new and exciting experience. Working side-by-side with our staff, the team will create an immersive opportunity to share the full story of sustainable food production. The series will also offer an opportunity to highlight local winemakers and distillers through culinary pairings and interactive sessions.
Your hands-on journey will include time in the garden, where you will harvest and discuss ingredients to be used in the evening’s meal.  Guests will also spend time with the chef observing and participating in the meal preparation.  Finally, you will relax in the field for a spectacular sunset meal.

$90 per person, per dinner