Segis Prospect Supper Club

  • Carnation Farms 28901 Northeast Carnation Farm Road Carnation, WA, 98014 United States

Featuring Chef Kristen Schumacher of Heirloom Cookshop

Go on a culinary adventure as you experience a one-of-a-kind farm-to-fork experience. Guests join Carnation Farms staff in our certified organic garden to harvest and discuss ingredients that will be used for the evening meal.  Following, guests will take part in creating special garden cocktails, while watching and partaking in the continuation of the meal from the Chef to the plate and enjoy light appetizers. Then sit down out in our field, for an evening meal and entertainment. $90 per person.

Born in April 1913, Segis Pietertje Prospect was a member of the Holstein foundation herd of Carnation Farm who were selected and bred for superior milk production capabilities.  As with all Carnation Farm animals, “Prospect” was treated with the utmost respect and kindness.  She shattered milk production records, gaining wide spread fame for both herself and Carnation Farm.  Prospect became an iconic historical figure who embodied the farm’s values of innovation and compassion.  She was used widely in advertising campaigns for the farm and became the model for Carnation’s contented cows.  Her legacy and image were immortalized in 1928 at the unveiling of her statue at the entrance to Carnation Farms which still stands today. 

September 30
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