We believe that an understanding of our environment and food sources, as well as experiential learning about ecological and food systems leads to healthier lives and stronger connections. Our goal is to take care of the land and water, to produce crops organically, and create fun, hands-on learning opportunities for all ages.

Carnation Farms is certified organic and the only organic farm in Washington State that uses Class C reclaimed water to irrigate grass forage fields.  

The Farm supports:

  • environmentally sustainable agricultural production - certified organic hay and hay-lage, vegetables, herbs and flowers, timber
  • integration of a working farm with hands-on farm-based and outdoor educational programs
  • connecting the community with Carnation Farms
  • spaces for community events and agricultural related organizations to convene

Our practices include:

  • improving soil health through cover-cropping, green manures, timely tillage
  • managing our livestock health through optimal nutrition, low stress, and best practice animal husbandry methods
  • enhancing wildlife and pollinator habitat (Game Preserve designation since 1974; Salmon-Safe certified)
  • restoration projects to increase health of our riparian and river bank areas
  • reducing our waste stream through water treatment and reuse practices